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Sgt. Riker's...A Site for the novice and serious collector

Site updated 08/29/2022

Sgt. Riker offers NEW Listings daily on ebay.
Big hunt in eastern North Carolina March 20-25, 2022. 3000 plus acres that have natural Civil War and Colonial historical artifacts.

Come visit Sgt. Riker's Trading Post
in Ashland, Virginia
305 S.Washington Hwy. Suite 2B (Zip 23005)
Respectfully call during store hours
Store Hours
Our hours are irregular at this time. Please call first.
We are pleased to have your business!

Ran's hard cover novel is in hand at Sgt. Riker's just in time for your Christmas purchase. Yours for $22.95 with author's autograph and/or personalized inscription. You will enjoy hours of history, humor and wartime excitement.   Still available as a digital download on
  (click here for download)

When we started our business many years ago we wanted to create a Civil War store that a customer could visit and purchase items with complete confidence, which explains our motto "Authenticity Never Expires".
    We offer Civil War Period artifacts, as well as Sgt. Riker's line of collectors' cases. We are stocking a good supply of reference books. (Call 804-798-6848 for more information.) or email me at

History and Resume---Ransom Hundley
I began metal detecting in 1972 using a Metrotech. Remember that one? I've been rewarded by finding relics of every description. Through the osmosis of "feel and touch", I've developed a good baseline of experience coupled with a significant amount of knowledge regarding the authenticity of artifacts. Are there people out there who know more than I do? Absolutely! And their number is many. Do I consider myself an expert in judging Civil War artifacts? Nope! I do not. And I do not hesitate to defer to those specialists who have assimilated knowledge beyond my limits.

Having said that and two amens, please allow me to mention what I bring to the table.

1 Guarantee of authenticity.
Buy with absolute confidence! The buck stops here. There is no time limit on authenticity. It is a principle that has no expiration date. (Well, not quite true. When I die, the guarantee stops.) Until that time, you may return any item for a refund if you are not happy with it for any reason. Buyer will pay return shipping and insurance. I will lose listing fees/any profit made on the item. Refund will be in full (less a 10% restocking fee) if the item is returned in the same condition in which it was purchased. If cleaned, altered or damaged in any way, it will be returned to you and our guarantee will not apply.

2 Customer oriented attitude.
I once managed a jewelry store whose motto was the customer is always right. I still retain that mentality and will bend to the wishes and needs of the customer more than most. Simply stated, I go that extra mile in order to facilitate a customer’s specific needs. It’s not just my promise; it’s my way of doing business.

3 Prompt shipping and reliable tracking data.
Unlike some you may have dealt with, I will do everything possible to ship promptly---and without tacking on heavy handling charges. I will never tell you an item " has already been shipped" unless it has. If I run into situations of supply that are beyond my control, you will be alerted and offered an immediate refund, so you may purchase elsewhere. Please view our detailed ordering information.

4 Source of information.
You may contact me either by email ( or telephone (804-798-6848) to discuss the particulars of an artifact, metal detector, or anything that I sell.


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I’ve been selling on ebay for 20 years now and have kept a good reputation in spite of them. (CSknucklesamich). Please review our feedback record!