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School Buttons

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button Western Military Institute coat sized button.
This is a very nice excavated button. There's lots of gilt left, a stand up shank, and an rmdc backmark: Scovill Mg Co/ Waterbury. There is a very slight push in the front of the button. Dug in Central Virginia.
Item SB1006  $279.95

button K.M.I. Button (Kentucky Military Institute) Coat Sized button.
This coat sized button was dug in Central Virginia. This nice button has good detail, enough gilt to beautifully highlight the hand shaking soldiers, a stand up shank and a rmdc back mark that reads EXTRA GILT. Ground action makes the KMI hard to see.
Item SB1005E  $335.00

button (E.H.S.) Episcopal High School face only (cuff sized).
This 13mm face only button still has a fair amount of the silver wash visible. It was recovered in Central Virginia.
Item SB1004  $74.95 SOLD

button (V.M.I.) Virginia Military Institute Button (cuff sized).
This beautiful cuff sized button is non dug. The front shows great detail.
The shank is intact, and the back mark reads Robinsons Extra.
Item SB1003  $150.00 SOLD

button (N.H.D.V.S.) Natural Home for Disabled Veteran Soldiers.
This button was excavated in Central Virginia. The front has some
gilt remaining. The shank is missing, and it has a Steele & Johnson
back mark. Circa 1820-1830.
Item SB1002  $24.95

button Western Military Institute Button.
This is a Civil War period, non dug button. William Leigh says he believe's it's from a school in Ohio, or maybe Kentucky. The rmdc back mark reads Scovill Mg. Co. Waterbury.
Item BU7147  $135.00 SOLD

button King's Mountain Military School Button (coat sized).
This excavated coat sized button has quite a bit of gilt remaining. The front of the button reads King's Mountain Military School, Yorkville, So/CA 1855. The shank is intact, but bent almost flat, and the rmdc back mark reads Scovill MF'G Co. Waterbury. Albert's SU189 and Tice's A1.SCS294.
Item BU3234  $695.00 SOLD

button V.M.I. Cadet Button (coat sized).
This button was excavated in Central Virginia. The front shows good detail, but has no gilt remaining. The shank is intact and the backmark reads R&W Robinson.
Item BU3163  $185.00 SOLD

button V.M.I. Cadet Button (coat sized).
This button was excavated in Central Virginia. The front shows good detail, and has a significant amount of gilt remaining. The shank is intact and the backmark reads R&W Robinson.
Item BU3162  $225.00 SOLD

button North Carolina, Hillsboro Military Academy Button (coat sized).
This coat sized uniform button was dug in Chancellorsville, Virginia. It shows nice gilt, and detail on the front. The back is damaged, as shown in the picture. 18.43mm, Albert's150AV.
Item BU3152  $345.00 SOLD

Hillsborough Hillsborough Military Academy Button.
This 19mm button is Albert's SU150 (Tice's NCS270 Am.1 "Schuyler. H.& G./ N. York" dm.) A nice button with some gilt remaining and an upright shank solid and intact. Hillsborough Military Academy; convex, two piece construction. Students attended the first classes at Hillsborough Military Academy in January 1859, and by the following year, 99 students were enrolled. Commanded by Charles C. Tew, a former faculty member at the Citadel and superintendent of the Arsenal Academy in South Carolina, the school was patterned after the U.S. Military Academy. Most of the faculty and cadets joined the Confederate Army at the outbreak of war. Charles Tew was killed in the Bloody Lane at Antietam while commanding the 2nd North Carolina Regiment. Just before the fall of Charleston, many cadets left the Academy without orders to join General Beauregard. To the cadets' dismay, recruiters would not enlist them due to their impetuous breach of cadet discipline. The residual Cadet Corps was disbanded just before General Johnston's Army capitulated in 1865. Scovill produced the buttons around 1859-1860. The device shows a five pointed star on a lined field with the prime point oriented downwards and "NC" at sides.
Item BU3004E  $850.00

VMI coat button Civil War Coat-Size VMI Button.
Recovered at a North Anna, Virginia location, this coat sized button has an R & W Robinson Backmark. The front still shows very good detail and the stand-up shank is solid. There is a slight separation on the back. Nevertheless, this button displays quite nicely.
Item BU2045  $166.75 SOLD