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Reference Books

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Record of American Uniform and Historical Buttons- First Edition
by Alphaeus H. Albert

Alphaeus H. Albert's seminal work on military buttons was copyrighted and printed in 1969; Boyertown Publishing Company of Boyertown, Pennsylvania, There are signs of usage, as you might expect, but it is intact in good overall condition. A previous owner wrote his name on the inside front page.

The Collector's Encyclopedia of Buttons.
by Sally C. Luscomb

This 242 page 1967 publication carries a lot of information about a variety of buttons, including militaria, calico and cameo buttons, buttons made of various substances, e.g. celluloid, glass and pewter. Each topic, which also includes people and manufacturers, is arranged alphabetically and is fully indexed. A previous owner added a tab to the top page of military and Confederate buttons.

World War II German War Booty A Study In Photographs.
by Thomas M. Johnson

This illustrated book by noted Third Reich edged weapon author, collector, and dealer Thomas Johnson explores the vast array of militaria liberated from Germany by U.S. soldiers during the Second World War. The book contains over 580 beautiful full color, large format photographs of German daggers, swords, helmets, uniforms, insignia, award documents, weapons, and many other rare and unusual items. Also included is a generous selection of World War II era photographs showing many items in the act of being liberated.

American Military Insignia 1800-1851
by J. Duncan Campbell and Edgar M. Howell.

This book is the essential reference work for American Militia of this period. Published by the Smithsonian, It covers American belts, plates, rank and headgear as used through the Indian Wars, War of 1812 and Mexican Wars. This book shows normal aging, otherwise it is in excellent condition.

Warner Civil War Cavalry Carbines
by Col. J. Alan Hassell.

The story of James Warner and the carbines he manufactured. Detailing information about patents, government contracts, ammunition and tests of the products, the author based all of his research on primary sources and corrects many myths and incorrect statements about these firearms. Histories of James Warner and the manufacturing facilities are also discussed

Cleaning and Preservation of Coins and Medals
by Gerhard Welter.

This 118 page hardback is a great aid for those interested in preserving their coins. Originally published in 1976, this edition includes a section on paper money preservation and restoration written by James J. Curto that appeared originally in the Numismatist. This book covers classification and properties of metals plus description and changes in metals. Various medals must be cleaned different ways, and this work covers them. There are sections on treating coins, as well as several appendices on grading, dating, weights, etc.

A Directory of American Military Goods Dealers and Makers, 1775-1950, Volume 2
by by Bruce S. Bazelon and William F. McGuinn.

This long awaited, 617 page hardback, covers a longer time span than Volume One (1785-1915 versus 1775-1950). This work contains all new information; there is no duplication from the first book. Completing forty years research, Volume Two more than doubles the information provided in the 400 pages of Volume One. Much more information has come to light; the Bannerman Papers has been especially helpful. There is also a two page addenda.

Confederate Edged Weapons.
by William A. Albaugh III.

This large 198 page classic details and pictures the various swords, bayonets, pikes and lances used by the Confederates. There are a total of 124 drawings and two photographs. Mr. Albaugh's research is divided into three parts: 1. makers whose weapons are identifiable. 2. those whose makers cannot be identified. 3. a directory of persons and places connected with Southern edged weapons manufacture. This 1993 edition is in very good condition, and the original dust jacket is worn at the edges and has a couple tears.

North Anna River Flood Plain Information Hanover County, Virginia.
This paperback book was prepared for Hanover County by the Norfolk District Corps of Engineers in 1976. It is chock-full of maps and graphs, with a few pictures, describing the waterways of the county. There is information on drainage, flood plain development, topographical data and hydrological data. Information on past floods is also included. Great information for the outdoorsman!

Collection Of Reference Books
(13) The Army in the Civil War,
(3) The Navy in the Civil war
      copy written by
Charles Scribner's Sons 1881,1885

included in this cassic 16 book collection are "The Army In The Civil War" Vol. I- The Out Break Of The Rebellion, Vol. II- From Fort Henry to Corinth, Vol. III- The Peninsula, Vol. IV- The Army Under Pope, Vol. V- The Antietam and Fredericksburg, Vol. VI- Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, Vol. VII- The Army of the Cumberland, Vol. VIII- The Mississippi, Vol. IX Atlanta, Vol. X- The March to the sea Franklin and Nashville, Vol. XI- The Shenandoah Valley, Vol. XII- The Virginia Campaign of 64 and 65, Vol. XIII- Statistical Record. "The Navy In the Civil War" Vol. XIV- The Blockade and the Cruisers, Vol. XV- The Atlantic Coast, Vol. XVI- The Gulf and Inland Waters, These books are original, and in excellent condition. They are stamped on the inside "Subscription Edition". Each book is written by a different author.

"Confederate Arsenals, Laboratories, and Ordnance Depots" Volumes 1, 2 and 3
Written by Dean S. Thomas

This massive 3-volume set by Dean Thomas is hot off the press as of March 30, 2014. The set is a must for anyone interested in small arms ammunition of the Civil War. The history of every Confederate arsenal and the ammunition they produced is included in "Confederate Arsenals, Laboratories, and Ordnance Depots", volumes 1, 2, and 3, with over 1,200 pages of important information. There are many illustrations of the bullets, cartridges, bullet molds, the arsenals themselves, and much more. The first volume of the set is signed by the author! Dean Thomas is the world's leading authority on small arms ammunition of the Civil War. He has already published four large hardbound books on Civil War ammunition: "Round Ball to Rimfire" parts One, Two, Three, and Four, as well as other Civil War bullet identification books. These volumes are the climax of a lifetime of research in the United States archives, and thousands of miles researching each arsenal and what they produced. This set is a must for Civil War enthusiasts, collectors, and every major library.

A study of the artifacts of coastal Georgia and the South Carolina Lowcountry. A hard covered book with over 1,000 full color photographs of excavated Civil War artifacts on 300 pages! This book came hot off the press in May 2013 after over ten years of research and collecting photos to document the Civil War history of coastal Georgia and South Carolina from Charleston S.C. down to Brunswick, GA. Not only is it a great reference book for identifying artifacts for collectors and historians, but it is a historical reference for Civil War activity for this area know as the Coastal Empire. The book doesn't just cover Civil War relics, but artifacts from plantations, life in the city and the struggle all endured during this period of American history. From period jewelry, tools & hardware, coinage, bottles; to the variety of artifacts found in military encampments, this book offers a pictorial history of life on the coast. Also included is a section on presentation weapons and a poem written one month after the Battle of Fredericksburg about Savannah's General Lafayette McLaws. RELICS OF THE COASTAL EMPIRE was done by the Coastal Empire History Hunters who have displayed artifacts for show, schools and living history programs for years. It is our desire to permantly document our research and preservation efforts in this book and share our love of history.

Insignia of Independence
by Don Troiani and James L. Kochan

Insignia of Independence is a heavily illustrated magnum opus that reconstructs the appearance of the armies of the American Revolution in painstaking detail. The two leading authorities on 18th-century Anglo-American military material culture Don Troiani and James Kochan have produced a reference work that is bound to be hailed as an instant classic. This comprehensive catalog of military buttons; gorgets; and belt, cap, and cartridge box plates is augmented by expert commentary, photographs of the original artifacts, and numerous period portraits, engravings, and drawings that provide the clearest impression yet of how the men who fought for and against American independence actually looked. Military historians, militaria collectors, museum curators, and reenactors will find this work an indispensable addition to their libraries. --Gregory J. W. Urwin, Professor of History, Temple University. Following decades of intense research, this is the final word on buttons, plates, and insignia of the American Revolution. The two most qualified experts in the realm of Revolutionary War militaria have joined forces to present the collecting community with this fabulous opus. Decades in the making, it will not be surpassed, the finished product has proven greater than the sum of its parts. A delight to behold, its illustrations are exquisite, the design is engaging and it has been organized in a logical manner while avoiding the temptation to over-write. Don and Jim have proven themselves to be the preeminent authorities of our generation. --Mike O Donnell, author .

Record of American Uniform and Historical Buttons Bicentennial Edition
by Alphaeus S. Albert.

Albert and his wife Lillian were pioneers in the field of button collecting and were known nationwide. Over 3200 buttons are pictured actual size with known back marks and relative values shown. They include: US Military of all periods from Colonial on, Confederate, both of the State and CS Government, Schools both civilian and military, Commemorative, Political, Militia, Veterans'Organizations, Federal Departments and much more. Albert's individual coding system for each button is an invaluable reference tool and is used by collectors and dealers world-wide. This book is a must have for anyone interested in the identification and study of American buttons. This is a new book, wrapped in its protective plastic cover.

Confederate Bowie Knives
by Jack Melton, Josh Phillips & John Sexton

Features include: 856 full color photos illustrating more than 350 of the finest Southern Bowies in existence. Full historical and collector details on all known types of knives made in Confederate factories,including unidentified types and the Georgia and Alabama Contracts. All your favorite makers, from Boyle & Gamble and Louis Froelich, to Nashville Plow Works, and Thomas Leech & Co. Extensive, valuable coverage of locally made Southern knives, including the many identified makers as well as those whose origins are still unclear. New research, freshly discovered makers and previously unpublished information await your investigation. Available nowhere else but here! A full discussion of dug relic knives, with a large selection of intriguing examples shown and explained. Perhaps this is the largest album of historical Confederate soldiers holding Bowie knives ever assembled. A truly amazing and beautiful resource.

A Handbook of Civil War Bullets & Cartridges.
Authors James E. Thomas and Dean S. Thomas show a variety
of Civil War era bullets, separated by caliber and type of bullet.
They shed new light on the origin of some bullets, e.g. the so-called
"Belgian". This book is well-illustrated and gives dimensions on the
various items. The back contains a cross-reference guide to compare
T&T numbers to M&M numbers. Softcover book (8.5"x5.5").
Priced now at $12.00 plus shipping.

Historic American Spurs, by Howard R. Crouch.
This identification and price guide covers all types of spurs: U.S. military, Confederate, western, civilian, patents, and racing. Mr. Crouch, a noted authority on horse equipment, begins this 88 page volume with a short history of the spur and spur types, then continues with sections on civilian, U.S. military, Confederate, and western spurs, giving the 19th Century a prominent role in this book. There are over 160 examples of this important part of horsemen's equipment, as well as a size chart. A dynamic softcover book (8.5"x5.5") filled with facts, photos and pertinent information.
Priced now at $18.00 plus shipping.

12th Edition
The North South Trader
Civil War Collector's Price Guide.

This handy book contains recently updated prices on thousands of items, including buckles, bullets, dug relics, firearms and much more. There are many, many photographs and new categories. There is also a segment on fakes in the marketplace, an issue which has become a serious problem. This is one book no serious collector should be without. This softcover book contains 280 pages.
Priced now at $34.95 plus shipping.

American Military Button Makers and Dealers;
Their Backmarks and Dates,

by William F. McGuinn and Bruce S. Bazelon.

This is the expanded 2006 edition of McGuinn and Bazelon's seminal work on button backmarks. The first 147 pages list button makers, in alphabetical order, and their various marks. Appendices cover back die cards and lists, great seal buttons, and photos of various backmarks, enabling you to distinguish the time periods of your buttons. This essential book covers buttons from circa 1790 to circa 1945.
Priced now at $24.99 plus shipping.

American Military Headgear Insignia.
This 311 page volume, by J. Duncan Campbell
and Michael J. O'Donnell, covers military
head gear insignia from around 1800
to around 1875. This book is heavily
illustrated and includes commentary
on each piece.
Priced now at $39.99 plus shipping.

American Military Belt Plates,
by Michael J. O'Donnell and J. Duncan Campbell.

The 3rd edition of this massive 616 page tome covers plates from the Revolutionary War to the early Twentieth Century. This profusely illustrated book includes militia plates, officer's plates, martingale ornaments, shoulder belt plates, sword belt plates, baldric devices, carbine sling buckles, waist belt plates, cartridge box plates, and cartridge belt plates, including Army, Navy and Marine Corps plates.
Priced now at $50.00 plus shipping.

Accoutrement Plates North and South 1861-1865,
by William G. Gavin.

This 217 page book, published in 1963, appears to be a first edition of the late Mr. Gavin's book. The book is organized by Federal and Confederate, type and state, and includes many illustrations of the various plates. This book is in very good condition and a "must have" for collectors.
Priced now at $50.00 plus shipping.

Gettysburg Battlefield Relics and Souvenirs, by Mike O'Donnell.
This lavishly illustrated 317 page book displays a wealth of relics connected to this great battle. There are sections devoted to relics connected to each day of the battle. In addition, there are sections covering pickups from the streets of Gettysburg and on souvenirs and displays made with battlefield relics. Many people in the area carried away "trophies" from the battlefield, some even so brazen as to remove items from soldiers who hadn't yet died! This First Edition has been autographed by the author. Priced at $35.00 plus shipping.

Civil War War of the Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Published in 1880, this is Series One Volume One. The preface states that " By an act approved June 23, 1874, Congress made an appropriation of the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, both of the Union and Confederate Armies, and directed him to have copied for the Public Printer all reports, letters, telegrams, and general orders not heretofore copied or printed, and properly arranged in chronological order." The cover is intact, however it has become separated from the spine. Original owner's signature, date on flyleaf.
Sgt. Riker Specially priced at $29.99!