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seals Seven lead railroad seals.
These seals were recovered in Central Virginia.
Item RR9076  $15.95 SOLD

seals Ten Vintage Lead Railroad Box Car Seals.
These seals were dug in Central Virginia. They measure from about 17mm to 23mm in diameter and display various labels.
Item RR9074  $19.95 SOLD

tag Coal steam engine, 50 Bushel payment claim tag.
Made of copper, this tag was excavated in Culpeper County, Virginia.
Item RR9073  $74.95

seals Ten antique railroad seals.
These seals were excavated in Central Virginia. They measure from about half an inch in diameter to 7/8 inches, and most have legible details.
Item RR9071  $19.95

key S.A.L. Railroad key.
The Seaboard Air Line Railroad (reporting mark SAL) was an American railroad whose corporate existence extended from April 14, 1900, until July 1, 1967, when it merged with longtime rival Atlantic Coast Line Railroad to form the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad. At the end of 1925, SAL operated 3,929 miles (6,323 kilometres) of road, not including its flock of subsidiaries; at the end of 1960, it reported 4,135 miles (6,655 kilometers). The main line ran from Richmond via Raleigh, North Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia, to Jacksonville, Florida. From Jacksonville, SAL continued to Tampa, St. Petersburg, West Palm Beach and Miami.
Item RR9065  $95.00

The RailRoad Encyclopedia
From steam engines of the 19th century to the 20th centurys diesel-powered behemoths and the high-speed, electric commuter trains of today, this all-encompassing, illustrated history examines the impact trains and railroads have had on commerce, travel and everyday life around the globe for nearly two centuries.

lock New York Telegraph Co. Lock & Key.
This circa 1880-1890's brass lock measures 3.5" tall by 2-1/4" wide. It is in working condition, and still has a piece of the original chain.
Item RR9058  $79.99 SOLD

tag Baggage Tag.
This tag was excavated in Central Virginia. It has R.L.&M.W., and
the numbers 105 stamped on the front.
Item RR9056  $75.00

tag Baggage Tag.
This tag was excavated in Central Virginia. It has the numbers 433,
and the date 1890 stamped on the front.
Item RR9055  $15.00

tag Baggage Tag.
This tag was excavated by Ran Hundley about 25 years ago. It was found in a Confederate camp along the James River and Kanawa Canal.
Item RR9053  $25.00

Railroad pin Railroad pin circa 1900.
This pin was issued by theRailway
Accounting Officer's Association
and is in good dug condition. The
pin is missing from the back.
Item RR9034   $24.99