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Confederate State Buttons

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button Virginia Staff Officers button (coat sized).
This non dug, 23mm button is in excellent condition, as shown in the picture.
It has a standup shank, and the Civil War period backmark "Scovill MF'G.
Co. Waterbury". Albert's Va20.
Item BU3384  $285.95

button Virginia Button with an Overstrike on the Backmark (coat sized).
This is a magnificent coat sized, non dug button with nice highlights of gilt. It has a stand up shank, and the rmdc backmark reads Scovill MF'G Co. Waterbury. There is an overstrike on the C for CO. as pointed out in the picture. This misstrike is Albert's VA13 and Tice's VA222 A 5.
Item BU3224  $350.00

button Virginia Staff Officers Button (coat sized).
This is a 3 piece, non dug button, and the backmark reads
Horstmann N.Y. & Philada. This artifact will display nicely
in any collection.
Item BU3211  $250.00

button Cuff Sized Virginia Button.
This beautiful non dug two piece button has a backmark that reads W.H. Smith & CO. New York, and the shank is present as shown in the picture.
Item BU3064  $195.00

button North Carolina State Seal Button.
This button is non dug, and the shank is present though bent to one side. It has a blank depressed channel backmark.
Item BU3062  $395.00

button Mississippi Infantry Button.
This 2 piece button is non dug, and was produced by Casimer Rouyer of New Orleans. The word "Mississippi" surrounds a five pointed, beveled star with the letter "I" on a plain field. The surface of the star rays are stippled, and there is a dot at the 6 o'clock position. The button has been painted black (front and back) which may have been an effort to make the button less reflective, this was often done by Sharp Shooters. Former Confederates were only allowed to wear their buttons in public if they were painted black. In our opinion the back has been replaced or repaired, non the less this is a solid button. (Tice's MP245A1, Albert's MP 8).
Item BU3010   $595.00