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Medical Items

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bag Ante Bellum Doctor's Medical transport bag.
made of hand sewn leather, with sheep skin flap. This bag may well have been part of a set of saddle bags. Please note the large leather loops in the bottom of the bag. The leather shows a lot of cracking, as it came from an old barn in Hanover County Virginia. The bag measures 11 inches by 8 inches. The bag has been treated with saddle soap and is in stable condition. This is a very cool artifact and dates to the Civil War or earlier, all this per Mr. Ben Greenbaum, and thank you sir!
Item MD1050  $195.00 HOLD

apparatus The Apollo Medical Apparatus.
This is an Apollo medical electro therapeutic apparatus. Built in 1880's. Used and sold at traveling "Chautaqua" shows at the turn of the century, the Apollo Medical Apparatus was said to cure all ailments and illnesses with the touch of a button. In reality, the machine had a battery concealed inside the box and was a form of early day shock therapy the "doctor" would give his patient a shock with the machine and "cure" his or her illness. Sold mostly in the American and Canadian West. The top is bakelite with coil, nickel plated switches, binding post and hinges. The Apparatus is untested. The case is made of quartered oak with dove tail corners. It measures 8"x9"x7.25".
Item CL9164  $175.00

pestle Civil War Period Apothecary Pestle.
This iron Pestle was excavated in Cold Harbor, Virginia.
It measures 9-3/4" long, and has been sprayed with
clear acrylic for preservation.
Item MD1042E  $49.95

tool Medical Device.
This artifact was excavated in Central Virginia.
It measures 3.5" long, and will display nicely.
Item MD1038  $49.99