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Colonial Period

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rosette Colonial U.S. Silver Plated Pewter Officer's Rosette.
This rosette dug in a Confederate Cavalry camp in Goochland County, Virginia, by Ransom Hundley in the mid 1990s. The attachment bar remains present.
Item CP1030    $26.95

pouch Three Brass Colonial Period Harness Rosettes.
These specimens were dug by Ransom Hundley about 1980-86.
Item CP1028    $72.95

pouch Colonial Period Commercially Made Shoulder Shot Pouch.
The shoulder strap is broken, and the thread is missing from most of the side. The leather pouch measures about 11-1/2 inches at its longest, and the dispensing portion is in good working order. This piece is very nice and very old and has not been treated with anything.
Item CP1027    $62.95

buttons Three late Colonial and an unusual silver washed lead filled shield device.
These artifacts were all recovered in Central Virginia. The shield is very likely a Civil War relic worn on a horse bridle.
Item CP1026    $34.95

buttons Four Colonial buttons dug in Old Virginia.
This group contains four buttons displayed in a double-matted Sgt.Riker case. All buttons retain their shanks, and one retains virtually all its original gilt on the back. One front show traces of its original design.
Item CP1025    $14.95

buttons Seven large Colonial period buttons.
These buttons were recovered in the Richmond, Virginia area. They measure 27-29mm in diameter and are in wonderful dug condition. All retain their shanks. Six are pewter buttons, and the other appears to be brass.
Item CP1024    $19.95

buttons Four very nice Colonial Period buttons.
These buttons were dug in Old Virginia. Three are one piece buttons, and one is a two piece button. 18.5mm to 22.5mm.
Item CP1023    $18.95

buckle Nice copper or brass buckle.
This buckle was dug in King William County, Virginia. 55 x 80 mm.
Attachment pin is missing. Has never been cleaned.
Item CP1022    $45.95

buckles Six Colonial Brass Buckles.
These buckles were excavated near Williamsburg, Virginia. The longer two measure about 1-1/2 inches long, and these artifacts are a nice little representative group of Colonial buckles.
Item CP1020    $44.95

rosettes (18) Harness Rosettes and Bosses.
These artifact's were recovered in Central Virginia.
They would have been worn by the Confederate Cavalry.
Item CP1018    $95.95

spoon Large Colonial period Pewter spoon.
This spoon was recovered from Central Virginia.
It measures approximately 8" tall.
Item CP1014  $49.95

button Beautiful Colonial period button.
This one piece, 25mm button was excavated in Central Virginia.
The front has a beautiful design with lots of it's gilt remaining. The
shank is intact, and the back is plain.
Item CP1013  $49.95

marbles (20) Colonial period clay marbles.
These clay marbles were excavated in Central Virginia.
Item CP1010  $19.95 SOLD

rosette Colonial Harness Rosette.
This rosette was excavated in Central Virginia,
and has a nice green patina.
Item CP1009  $45.00

fork and spoon Colonial period hanging Fork and spoon.
These utinsels were made by a blacksmith, and are made of iron. They have a hook for hanging in a kitchen or on a fireplace. They measure approximately 8-1/4" tall. This set is a beautiful piece of Virginiana. Your purchase includes the utinsels beautifully displayed in a Sgt. Riker case, as shown in the picture.
Item CP1008  $149.00

spoon Coloinal period spoon.
This pewter spoon was excavated in Central Virginia.
It measures approximately 7.5" long.
Item CP1005  $49.95

tools Colonial Flint Knapping hammer and striker.
These artifacts were excavated in Central Virginia. They have
been sprayed with clear acrylic for preservation.
Item CP1004E  $49.95 SOLD

Child's spur Colonial Virginia child's brass spur.
At the time, horse riding was a way of life. Apparently, the child who used this one started very young. The rowel is gone, but this is a beautiful example of early Virginia horsemanship. The gap of this one is about 2.5".
Item CP1002  $37.99