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snare Civil War relic Brass drum snare strainer.
This specimen was dug in the west end of Richmond, Virginia. The thumbscrew was used to adjust the tension of the gut snare strands on the bottom head of the drum. This type of strainer was common throughout the second half of the Nineteenth Century. This piece measures about 3-1/4 inches long.
Item CL9351  $39.95 SOLD

tag Tennessee 1942 Dog Tag Rabies Vaccination.
This copper piece is marked," Recd Jen-Sal Rabies Vaccination, DR. G. B. Isbell Morristown Tenn." The tag has a noticeable crease that can be easily straightened if desired.
Item CL9350  $27.95

medal 1907 Jamestown Ter-Centennial Medal.
1907 Jamestown Ter-Centennial Medal (300 Years), copper with fair detail. Dug in Central Virginia. Jamestown Virginia was settled in 1607 and that is where America was born.
Item CL9338  $14.95

spur Vintage Mexican Spur with rowel intact.
This spur was found in a barn in Central Virginia and shows some corrosion, though it remains solid. The rowel is present and still turns! The gap between the sides is 2-1/2" making it a small spur, according to Howard R. Crouch's Historic American Spurs. Though small, it is to heavy to have been child's spurs. It is possible it would have been used in the Mexican War and brought back by a soldier.
Item CL9333  $32.95

lock 1904 brass Raven Brand Padlock.
This padlock was dug in Central Virginia. This padlock does not work and has no key.
Item CL9330  $24.95

keys Seven old keys.
These keys were recovered in Virginia. They were found while metal detecting, range from about 1-1/2 inches to 3-1/2 inches long.
Item CL9329  $32.95

practice Vintage Fleron Morse Code Practice Set
This piece comes with part of the original box. M.M. Fleron and Son, of Trenton, New Jersey, made these, and many were made especially for Boy Scouts. They advertised in Boy's Life magazine. This toy is in very good condition, though the bulb is missing. It uses two D cell batteries. The unit measures about 6.5 x 3 x 1.5 inches.
Item CL9326  $29.95

bags Four 1950s Vintage Cloth Seed Bags from Columbus, Ohio.
Two are Farm Bureaus Cooperative Association, one has been soaked and washed, and the fourth has apparently been soaked and washed; it bears what I think was once the State of Ohio seal. All are original, solid with no holes or tears. Their rough measurements are, in order of photo shown, are 28-1/2 x 16 inches, 30 x 17 inches, 27-1/2 x 14-1/2 inches and 27 x 13-1/2 inches.
Item CL9322  $29.95

hat plate Victorian Era or Earlier Cicero Hat Plate.
This nice piece is made of brass or copper that has been gilted. It is intact and could be worn today; there are no trade marks showing.
Item CL9321  $29.95

spoon Virginia State collectible Silver spoon.
Very nice condition with beautiful logos and state seal. Measures 6-1/16 inches long.
Item CL9319  $16.95

fob Very nice 1924 Democratic National Convention Watch Fob.
This copper artifact was recovered in Culpeper County, Virginia.
Item CL9317E  $49.95 SOLD

flag Vintage 3'x5' Confederate Flag.
Bulldog brand, circa 1940-50's or earlier. Stamped label reads: 100% Cotton Bunting, and it has brass eyelets. The flag has individually machined sections and stars. This is a well made flag probably used by veterans for parades. Excellent condition.
Item CL9315  $185.00 SOLD

hook Nice Nickel plated button hook circa 1920's.
This piece measures 4 inches and has nickel plated brass hook end with a pewter handle. Button hooks are a Victorian Era device and were in use from about 1880-1930. The initials "A.P.B." are on one side of the handle.
Item CL9306  $14.95

tag 1929 Virginia Male Dog Tag.
This dog tag was recovered in Hanover County, Virginia. It stands about 1-1/4 inches tall and has the license number 127001. It is bent a little at the bottom hole, this may be the reason for it being lost. The date is also in that area and a bit hard to read.
Item CL9303  $14.95

buckle Vintage Fraternal Copper Belt Buckle with Markings.
This small piece measures about 2-1/16 by 1-1/4 inches. There are symbols along both sides that appear Greek or Egyptian. The ends have Egyptian type faces.
Item CL9295  $24.95 SOLD

spoon Small Silver 1950s Vintage Salt Spoon of Vienna, Austria.
This spoon is made of .800 silver and measures 4-7/8 inches long. The handle displays nice detail and the top of the handle shows the Vienna, Austria, coat of arms.
Item CL9292  $14.95

magazine Original Civil War Era Harper's New Monthly Magazine July 1864
This issue is complete, though worn. The cover is separated from the body of the magazine. There are stories, as well as current events, and a number of illustrations. There are articles on Scenes in the War of 1812, Coal and Cola-Mining, 2 chapters of Thackeray's Dennis Duval, 3 chapters of Dicken's Our Mutual Friend, The Fortunes of War and more.
Item CL9287  $29.95 HOLD

knife Vintage 1939 New York World's Fair Pocket Knife.
This knife has mother of pearl handles, one side reads, "New York World's Fair 1939" The blades measure 2 and 1-1/2 inches long to the ricassoes. There is some rust and pitting on the edge.
Item CL9285E  $29.95

knife Very Nice Winchester Pocket Knife with 3 Blades & Rosewood Handle.
The longest blade, which measures 2-1/4 inches long, has "Winchester" etched onto it. The others measure 1-5/8 and 1-9/16 inches long. All blades have been sharpened.
Item CL9282  $22.95

knife Coast two Blade Pocket Knife.
This 3-1/2 inch long knife is solid. It has been block sharpened, but not deeply, and the blades show signs of usage. They measure 2 and 1-3/8 inches long, and the ricasso of the longer one reads, "Coast/___ USA."
Item CL9276  $17.95

badge New York detectives badge for an officer's wife.
This badge is in a leather case but the plastic has deteriorated, as shown in the picture.
Item CL9268  $65.00

token White Cap Gin Token watch fob.
This token shows great detail. The back reads Compliments Of S.G.
Atkins Co. Richmond, Va.
Item CL9264    $59.95

bells Three antique brass crotal bells.
All three bells retain their clackers. The oblong one measures about 1-3/8 inches long. The smallest measures an inch in diameter and has some patent information still present around the top. The last has a 1-1/4 inch diameter and a greenish patina with a design evident.
Item CL9262   $19.95

hinges Set of Antique Butterfly Copper or Brass Hinges.
These specimens stand 1-3/4 inches tall and measure 1-5/8 inches wide. Open fully, they measure 3-1/8 inches long. The screw holes are countersunk. If you're looking for a pair of vintage hinges, you've found it!
Item CL9260   $29.95

keys 5 Brass Watch Keys.
These watch key were excavated in Central Virginia.
Item CL9254   $39.95

key Brass handcuff key.
This brass key measure's approximately 2" tall,
and was recovered from Central Virginia.
Item CL9250   $25.95

cane head G.A.R. Cane Head.
This cane head was recovered from a battlefield
near Hanover Court House, Virginia. It measures
1-3/4" long.
Item CL9247   $50.00

seal Silver wax seal.
It appears to have a coat of arms topped with a crown.
These items were used to decorate the wax seal on the
back of an envelope and were in use from the 17th
through the 19th centuries.
Item CL9245   $55.95

spur Civilian style spur.
This spur was excavated in Central Virginia.
it measures approximately 3-1/4" wide.
Item CL9243   $49.95

seal Wax seal.
Items like this were used to seal envelopes. Probably pre Civil War.
It measures approximately 2" tall.
Item CL9242   $48.95

trench art WWII Trench art bracelet.
This silver plated brass bracelet shows a WWII soldier's creativity,
depicting the 1944 invasion of Italy.
Item CL9240   $69.95

stein Call of the Wild Limited Edition Stein.
This beautiful piece was the first issue in Longton Crown Collections' "Timber Wolf: Lord of the Wilderness" series of collectible steins. Award-winning artist Kevin Daniels created these wonderfully depicted tankards. The lid displays an engraved scene around the top, highlighted by a baying wolf on top, with a quarter Moon in the background. Finely detailed wolves are seen around the ceramic body of the stein. The base measures 4-3/8 inches in diameter, and it stands about 8-1/8 inches tall. This piece was number A 7065 in this issue and comes with the original certificate of authenticity.
Item CL9239E   $34.95

magnifying glass Victorian period Magnifying glass complete with beaded chain.
This magnifying glass has a beautiful floral design on the front and back. This piece is not marked sterling, and is probably made of brass with silver plating. Your purchase includes the magnifying glass beautifully displayed in a Sgt. Riker case, as shown in the picture.
Item CL9222   $45.95

iron Vintage license plate.
This plate is from Turkey, and has US Forces c-C864
stamped on it. It measures approximately 11-3/4" wide
by 6-3/4" tall.
Item CL9211   $75.95

padlocks (3) Padlocks.
These padlocks were excavated in Culpeper County, Virginia.
They have been cleaned and sprayed with clear acrylic.
Item CL9205  $44.95

spoon Sterling Silver spoon.
This spoon was made by Towle Silversmiths,
and is marked sterling as shown in the picture.
Item CL9198  $39.95

lighter Ice Pick from the Richmond Ice Company.
This ice pick is circa 1940. It has the address 1307 N. 31st Street, the phone number 3-7149 and the name J.T. Dickerson on the handle.
Item CL9184  $29.95

mouthpiece French Horn Mouthpiece.
This mouthpiece was excavated in Central Virginia.
It is made of brass and is silver plated.
Item CL9176  $45.00 SOLD

cartridge WWI Cartridge filled with lead.
This cartridge was excavated in Central Virginia,
and was filled with lead in an attempt to make a
whistle. It is not in working condition.
Item CL9172  $29.95

pin Athletic Lapel Pin.
This pin is circa 1917, and was excavated
in Central Virginia. The front reads Public
Athletic league Baltimore.
Item CL9150E  39.99

magazine Original Civil War Era Harpers New Monthly Magazine.
This issue dated April, 1863 contains pages 577 through 720 and is marked Number CLV". Among the topics in this issue are Another African Hunter, Louis Napoleon, Some Secession Leaders, and Victor Hugo in Exile. There is some staining and the pages are worn at the edges. We also note that there is some slight variation in the height of the pages. There is some separation at the spine, but this magazine is complete.
Item CL9147  39.99 HOLD

medallion 1907 Travelers Protective Association 18th
Annual Convention Medallion.

This medallion, issued at the 18th Annual Convention of T.P.A., the Travelers Protective Association of America, during June, 1907 at Norfolk, Virginia is in good dug condition and measures about 1.5 inches in diameter. It was formed as a fraternal organization in 1882 to benefit traveling salesmen, and further expanded later. This piece features a lady with a winged hat holding up a caduceus. To the left, the event is detailed, and, to the right, there is a branch with leaves above their logo. On the back, a tiny circle of letters indicates that this piece was made by Whitehead and Hoag of Newark, New Jersey
Item CL9140E  24.99

padlock Civil War Era Padlock.
This heavy piece, recovered in Central Virginia, weighs about half a pound. It stands about 3-3/4 inches tall and is just over 2.5 inches at its widest. This specimen no longer opens and has been cleaned with electrolysis. A nice display piece for your collection
Item CL9129  19.99

key Vintage antique brass jail key.
This key is about 4.5 inches long and was recovered in Virginia.
Item CL9095  $19.99

key Vintage antique jail, house, or cemetery key.
This key is about 4.5 inches long and was found in Virginia.
Item CL9094  $19.99

key Thick Civil War era jail or Cemetery key.
This heavy iron key is about 5 inches long and was recovered in Virginia.
Item CL9093  $16.99

Colonial rosette Very pretty Colonial silver rosette.
I believe this silver rosette dates to around 1800. It is 1.5" in diameter and there seems to be some lead fill in the back. Otherwise, it is solid silver. Someone diligently over-polished the front, eliminating some of the patina. The rosette comes nicely displayed in a Sgt. Riker case.
Item CL9087  $61.75Font color=#FF0000> SOLD

3 star buttons 3 vintage Civil War period star buttons.
These are sound, period buttons. Often flower buttons were often used when military buttons were lost. Two are about 21 mm in diameter. The smallest is about 15 mm. Great buttons from the Civil War era for your collection.
Item CL9080  $14.99

Staunton Military Academy Hat Plate Staunton Military Academy hat plate. Excavated in Petersburg, Virginia, we estimate that this beauty dates to the 1940s/1950s. The original, screwing, retaining nut is still present on the bolt and still screws!
Item CL9603  $71.25