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Civil War Documents And Letters

I have created this category to offer a variety of original,
Civil War documents and letters. Each document can
stand on its own but the beautiful, cursive handwriting
of the period with typical brown ink, presents each with
an esthetic personal touch - representing time before
mechanical means. (Several items are accompanied by
documented research information.)

Feel free to contact me!

receipt Original Slave and Land receipt.
This is an original receipt from the sheriff of Fluvanna county,
Virginia, and is dated 1851.
Item DL1014  $65.95 SOLD

voucher Payment Voucher from Bates Mill.
This voucher is dated Oct 24th 1861. It is made
out to Mary A. Hill for $10.50.
Item DL1013  $34.95 SOLD

map Seven Civil War Related Copies of the Southern Historical Society Papers.
One copy if Volume VIII Number 5, May, 1880; the other six are Volume XI Number 7, July, 1883. The latter six are stamped, “O.T. Reilly/ Battlefield Guide/ Guides, Post Cards and Relics/ Sharpsburg, MD.” Oliver T. Reilly was an early tour guide and relic collector who wrote Stories of Antietam, published in 1906. In 1927 he was responsible for spearheading an the effort to erect a monument to the memory of Old Dunkard Church, across from the visitor center. These early magazines were printed in Richmond, Virginia, and are intact, though wear is evident on all; a couple parts of one cover, as seen in the photos, have been cut off. All seven for one price.
Item DL1011  $67.95

magazines 2 Original Vintage Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazines.
These are the issues for September, 1859, and May, 1860, of the American Edition of the magazine. The magazine originated as an alternative to the Whig-supporting Edinburgh Review, and the cover bares the image of 16th Century Scottish historian George Buchanan. It included both non-fiction essays and fiction, including horror fiction (which was once parodied by Poe), and poetry. George Eliot and Joseph Conrad were among its more famous contributors, and they published the poetry of Shelley and Coleridge. These issues, which measure about 9 inches by 5-½ inches, display obvious signs of wear, as one might expect.
Item DL1010  $24.95

document A Letter Signed by General Wesley Merritt.
This letter is dated April 25th, 1899. It is signed by Civil War Indian fighter and Spanish American War General Wesley Merritt. He was promoted to major general in the U.S. Army in 1895. As colonel of the 5th Cavalry, Merritt was a member of the court of inquiry which first sat on January 13, 1879 presided over by Colonel John H King 9th Infantry, which was convened to consider the behaviour of Major Marcus A Reno 7th Cavalry at the Battle of the Little Bighorn ( June 25/26 1876 ) which resulted in the death of General George Armstrong Custer and over 200 men of the 7th Cavalry. For more information on General Wesley Merritt (click here).
Item DL1007  $695.00

document "The Conquered Banner" A Contemporary Copy.
This is a handwritten copy of Father Ryan's "The Conquered Banner".
This copy was written by Walter T. Hanes and sent to Mrs. Dr. Thomas
Shields. Included in your purchase is soldier history documentation on
Walter T. Hanes and Thomas P. Shields.
Item DL1005  $295.00