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tip Civil War Relic Group.
These artifacts were dug March 15, 2015, at a hunt at North Anna (not on the battlefield!). Included are a C.S. .69 caliber Tower, .56 Ringtail Sharps, North Carolina state seal button, U.S. Navy cuff button, Burnside carbine bullet, ramrod tip, .31 Smith and Wesson and a .54 caliber Spencer.
Item MS9076  $69.95 SOLD

tip Brass Flagstaff Base Retaining Some Original Wood.
This piece stands about 2 inches tall and is crimped a bit towards the upper end. Recovered in central Virginia.
Item MS9075  $26.95

drumstick Civil War Period Drumstick.
This drumstick appears to be made of American Walnut.
It measures 17" long.
Item MS9067  $95.00

bullets Great Gifting Idea...3 genuine Civil War bullets from the Battlefields of Central Virginia!
Estimates are that up to 65% of the American Civil War was fought in Virginia. A great souvenir for anyone looking for a meaningful representation item of the Civil War. The selection includes: one US Three ring .58 caliber, one Musket ball .69 caliber used by both sides and one Two ring CS .577 caliber all excavated in Central Virginia. Nicely displayed in a 3" x 4" Sgt. Riker Display Case (glass top) ready for presentation. Items listed are unique but inquire about wholesale pricing by the dozen!
Item B1002   $19.95