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Cavalry Items

currycomb Civil War Relic U.S. Broken Spur
This includes a broken spur, spur strap and one small leg, with the soldier’s initials carved into it: MW. These were recovered in Stafford County, Virginia.
Item H9190    $17.95

rosettes Two excavated militia bridle rosettes.
The one with the tassel design has a lead back with the attachment hook still present. As you can see in the photo it is in near perfect condition with some silver wash showing on the rim. The thistle design (face only) may have an association with the 79th New York Highlander regiment.
Item H9188E    $140.95

rosettes Eight Rosettes Dating from Antebellum to Civil War Period.
Some of these neat pieces have lead backs; others are tin backed.
Item H9184    $54.95 SOLD

bosses Pair of circa 1900 brass bosses.
Pair of circa 1900 brass bosses that have been cut from a horse's bit.
Item H9181    $10.95

rosette Harness rosette lead filled shield.
This harness rosette has a nice silver wash and a small piece of the leather still on the back, plus one attachment pin is intact. Dug in or near Bowling Green, Virginia, in 2015.
Item H9180    $24.95

spurs Pair of Model 1911 US Cavalry Spurs.
Cavalry spurs made of Nickel Silver and marked US A. B. (August Buermann Company of New Jersey). Included are two strap buckles and two straps, and these nice specimens will clean up and display beautifully.
Item H9172    $99.95 Reduced $69.95 SOLD

spur U.S. Spur and Spur Remnants.
These spur remnants were recovered in Eastern Virginia. The Model 1859 Union spur has a cast-in follate design and is complete (except for the rowel), though it is considerably bent. There are also four spur remnants.
Item H9171    $64.95

spur (2) Confederate spurs.
For your consideration, we are offering (2) spurs frequently utilized by Virginia Calvary. One is of iron construction and is in good solid relic condition and was found in Nottoway County Virginia. The second spur is of heavy brass construction and is missing the iron rowel. It was found near Chester, Virginia.
Item H9166    $139.95

rosette Cavalry rosette with owner's initials
This artifact measures about 42mm in diameter and has a lead-filled back that is mostly intact. The attachments are gone. It appears that someone has scratched initials on the face that are a bit hard to read.
Item H9163    $29.95

spur Model 1911 Spur.
This medium size spur is bent outwards on one side; the gap between the ends is about 3-1/2 inches. The overall length measures 5 inches.
Item H9162    $29.95

spur Brass civilian spur.
This spur was recovered in eastern North Carolina. A variant of the Mexican pattern with some of the leather strap still attached.
Item H9160    $125.00 Reduced $54.95 SOLD

rosette Silver plated lead filled rosette.
This rosette was recovered in Central Virginia. It retains much of its silver plating, and a good amount of lead is present. This rosette, which was worn on the horse bridle measures about 1-7/8 inches wide and stands 1-1/4 inches tall.
Item H9156E    $44.95

rosette Harness Rosette.
This rosette was recovered in Central Virginia.
Item H9151    $19.95 SOLD

pin Harness Rosette.
This type of rosette were often worn by U.S. Cavalrymen.
It was recovered in Central Virginia.
Item H9150    $24.95

rosettes (17) pre Civil War Harness Rosettes and Bosses.
These artifact's were recovered in Central Virginia.
They would have been worn by the Confederate Cavalry.
Item H9148    $89.95 Reduced $59.95

rosette Brass cavalry rosette.
This rosette was recovered in Goochland County, Virginia.
It was made before the Civil War.
Item H9143    $24.95

rosette Large heavy brass Harness Rosette.
This rosette was excavated in Central Virginia.
The lead fill is intact, as shown in the picture.
Item H9142    $32.95

rosette Large Civil War Period Brass Rosette.
This large (2") rosette has a brass face and tin back This type rosette was used by both civilians and Confederates alike. Some collectors say only lead back rosettes are Civil War period, but I have dug tin back rosettes in Confederate camps. Charles Nash agrees with me, Charles wrote a dandy article for North South Trader magazine.
Item H9134    $34.95

spur 1904 Spur with buckle.
This artifact was recovered from a barn in Central Virginia.
Item H9131    $24.95 SOLD

rosette Large Civil War period Rosette.
This rosette was excavated in Culpeper County, Virginia. This type of rosette was used by Confederates and civillians. It is slightly bent, as shown in the picture. The back has most of the lead fill intact, but the attachment hooks are missing. It measure's 2.25" in diameter.
Item H9127    $49.95 Reduced $29.95

curry comb Civil War period Curry Comb.
This curry comb was recovered from a barn in Central Virginia. It measures approximately 9" tall and 5-1/2" at it's widest.
Item H9125    $89.95 SOLD

curry comb Civil War period Curry Comb.
This curry comb was recovered from a barn in Central Virginia. It measures approximately 9" tall and 5-1/2" at it's widest.
Item H9123    $69.95

rosette U.S. Dragoon Harness Rosette.
This rosette was excavated in King & Queen County, Virginia.
It has some of the lead fill intact.
Item H9115    $295.00

rosette Large Civil War period Brass Rosette.
This type rosette was used by both civilians and Confederates alike. This 44 mm diameter piece features a nice design with a green patina. It is bent somewhat and has been hit on the edges.
Item H9111    $24.95

pin Picket Pin.
This pin was excavated in Central, Virginia.
It has been sprayed with clear acrylic for
Item H9109    $75.00 SOLD

ornament Civil War period parade Harness ornament.
This artifact was excavated in Central Virginia. It is silver plated, lead filled and has the attachment pins intact. It measure's approximately 3-1/4" long and 1- 1/2" at it's widest.
Item H9108    $75.00

spur Iron Civilian Spur.
This spur has the original leather strap
and buckle. It is circa 1850's-1900's.
Item H9093    $39.95

tool Wagon Bow Staple.
This staple was excavated in King William County, Virginia.
There is a similar artifact pictured in Howard Crouch's book
Civil War Artifacts A guide For The Historian page 141.
Item H9084    $8.95

rosette U.S. Bit Rosette.
This rosette was excavated in Central Virginia,
and has a very rare Pattern, as shown in the picture.
It has a beautiful brown patina, and will display well.
Item H9080    $39.95

spur Civilian Spur.
This is a non dug spur, and the gap measures 3" wide. This artifact
will display nicely in your collection.
Item H9075    $45.00

bit Colonial Period Horse Bit.
This is a heavy blacksmith made horse bit
from Central Virginia. It measures 8.5" by
6" and will add nicely to your collection.
Item H9056    $45.00

rosettes 13 Colonial Harness Bosses.
Recovered in Central Virginia. This is a nice variety
of bosses that will display well. The longest is 1-½ inches long.
Item H9051    $39.99

star martingale Star martingale device.
Civil war period militia martingale device, lead filled, excavated at the furious Cavalry fight at Haws Shop, Virginia. The devices were worn on saddle and horse harnesses and blanket straps. While many people say they are Texas saddle shields, I say they are not and more likely they are militia. Your purchase includes a Sgt. Riker case with mat and label.
Item C9045E    $427.50