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Soldiers with idle time whittled away on the item most plentiful - lead bullets. Some became chess pieces while others were merely patterns of interest. Browse these listings and click on the small picture you wish to view in larger format.

Two soldier carved Musket balls made into fishing weights.
There is a groove around for tying the line, the other has both a groove and a hole. These musket balls are approximately .64 caliber, depending on which way you measure them.
Item B8064   $19.95 SOLD

Carved .58 Minie with a Crude Design on the Top.
This .58 caliber Minie ball, excavated in Central Virginia, may have been used as a wax seal.
Item B8063   $18.95 SOLD

Bullet carved into conjoined balls.
This artifact, recovered in Central Virginia, measures about an inch long.
Item B8062   $12.95

Carved lead look alike.
This artifact was dug in Central Virginia.
Item B8055   $19.95

Carved Chess piece.
This carved bullet was excavated in
Culpeper County, Virginia.
Item B8037   $25.00 SOLD

Carved Chess piece.
This carved bullet was excavated in
Culpeper County, Virginia.
Item B8032   $30.00

Fishing Sinker Carved From a Minie Ball.
This piece of soldiers art stands about 1-ΒΌ inches tall,
and there is a hole in the upper part where the soldier
would attach his line. The Civil War soldier often carved
things from minies, and sometimes they had a practical use.
Item B8025   $24.95 SOLD

Carved Confederate Gardner.
This carved bullet was excavated in Petersburg, Virginia.
Item B8018   $29.95

Base Carved .44 Cal. Kerr.
This bullet was excavated in Central Virginia,
and the base has been carved as shown in the
Item B8000   $45.99

Carved .54 cal. ball.
Hard to discern the exact type of bullet
this is since it has been carved into a
chess or gaming piece. Often soldiers
amused themselves, passing time in camp,
whittling away on the soft lead. This bullet
was excavated by a digger in the Cold Harbor
area (with permission of the landowner).
Item B9537   $29.95

souvenir bullets-s.jpg (4935 bytes)Great Gifting Idea...3 genuine Civil War bullets from the Battlefields of Central Virginia!It is estimated that 65% of the American Civil War was fought in Virginia. A great souvenir for anyone looking for a meaningful representation of the Civil War. The selection includes: one US Three ring .58 caliber, one Musket ball .69 caliber (used by both sides) and one Two ring CS .577 caliber, all excavated in Central Virginia. Nicely displayed in a 3" x 4" Sgt. Riker Display Case (glass top) with an identifying lable, ready for presentation.
Order  B1002   $19.95 (Inquire about wholesale pricing by the dozen!)
1bulletcase-s.jpg (15574 bytes)Great Bullet Case! Slotted, velveteen foam holds lead bullets
of many sizes (including round balls). Use all slots (72 count)
or skip every other row to accomodate your labels. (8 x 14.5 x
1 Sgt. Riker Case with glass viewing window). Available in red,
blue, or burgundy. Case lot count 12. (Bullets not included in
the sale.) Order Bullet Case
Single case price:   $15.50
Order Bullet Caselot   (12@ $10.48 ea.)$125.80