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by Ransom Hundley.

Ran's hard cover novel is in hand at Sgt. Riker's just in time for your Christmas purchase. Yours for $22.95 with author's autograph and/or personalized inscription. You will enjoy hours of history, humor and wartime excitement. Still available as a digital download on (click here for download). "A fast-paced novel of the Civil War, Blind Legacy traces a Southern farm family's exploits from the late 1850's to 1863. The large Hawkins family of Western North Carolina and Southwest Virginia approaches the impending hostilities with both excitement and dread. The realities of war, with its death and destruction, soon curb the enthusiastic volunteers, with depravities and deprevations both in the field and on the home front". It has 280 pages, for hours of enjoyment.

Year of Desperate Struggle: Jeb Stuart and His Cavalry, from Gettysburg to Yellow Tavern, 1863-1864
by Monte Akers.
By the summer of 1863, following Chancellorsville, it was clear to everyone on both sides of the Civil War that the Army of Northern Virginia was the most formidable force Americans had ever put in the field. It could only be "tied" in battle, if against great odds, but would more usually vanquish its opponents. A huge measure of that army's success was attributable to its cavalry arm, under Major General J.E.B. Stuart, which had literally "run rings" around its enemies.

Allgemeine Zoologie (General Zoology)
by Heinrich Stridde, Stuttgart.
The cover on this vintage general zoology book is stained, and the pages have yellowed, yet this 344 page specimen remains intact, with no page separation. Written in German, it is full of illustrations, and this book remains germane today. It is a 1924 revision of Stridde's original 1912 work.

Original Christianity the Key to the Character and Career of Washington 1886
This 48 page volume contains a discourse delivered before the ladies of the Mount Vernon Association of the Union at Pohick Church, Truro Parish, Fairfax County, Virginia, on 30 May 1886 by Philip Slaughter, D.D. It was printed in New York by Thomas Whittaker. The original cover is missing, and there is some wear at the page edges, as well as some discoloration (which you might expect).

I Was There.
by Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy, 1950

This 527 page hard cover volume is subtitled, "The Personal Story of the Chief of Staff to Presidents Roosevelt and Truman Based on His Notes and Diaries Made at the Time." I the Foreword, President Truman says that he requested that Admiral Leahy's notes "be made available to the public in convenient form." The admiral's story begins, "I was there. Throughout almost five years from November, 1940, to the end of World War II in September, 1945, my duties placed me at pivotal points in the high command that accomplished the defeat of our enemies against what times seemed very heavy odds." This book contains a number of vintage photographs and is completely intact, though there are signs of aging.

Life Explorations and Public Service of John Charles Fremont.
by Charles Wentworth Upham

This 356 page volume is a First Edition published in 1856 by Ticknor and Fields of Boston. There are numerous illustrations, and own reports have been using in telling his story. The book is intact, though there are clear signs of age. The cover has a plastic book cover added to it to help preserve it.

HENRY CURRAN: or, A Reminiscence of my School By a Teacher 1853.
This slim hard back volume contains 52 pages and measures about 5-3/4 by 3-3/4 inches. On the inside front cover, it is written,"Mt. Oliver S. School/July 1879." It was printed in Philadelphia by the American Baptist Publication Society, and a stamp on an inside page indicates that it was sold by Starke & Ryland/Booksellers/515 Main St./Richmond, Va. The reminiscences are letters addressed to "Dear Mary," and are titled "The New School", "The New Scholar", "The Past History", "The Good Grandfather", "The Revival", "The Tragedy" and "The Conclusion". This book is intact, though worn, and the cover is a little faded. Neverthless, it remains an interesting read.

More Confederate Faces
by William A. Albaugh III

This extraordinary book constitutes a massive collection of photographs of Confederate leaders and soldiers. With over 500 photography and 44 color plates, the book presents examples of little-known and previously unpublished Confederated photography. Based the Mr. Albaugh's extensive collection and other private collections, More Confederate Faces presents examples of little-known and previously unpublished photographs of Confederate soldiers.
$49.95 HOLD

New Testament belonging to a Civil War soldier Jesse Merrill Private Co. F, 35th Infantry, MO.
This New Testament is dated 1864 and is inscribed with a personal message to Jesse Merrill. "Jesse Merrills book Presented at Helena Ark March the 25th 1864 By John Whitely, Private Co F 35 Mo", also included in your purchase is a copy of Jesse Merrill's service record, an original photo and hospital admittance document, as shown in the picture. This book measures approximately 4-1/2" tall by 3" wide.

William A. Albaugh, III 1908-1983 His life and writings
by William A Albaugh

Publisher: Broadfoot Publishing Company. Date of Publication:1993. Binding: hard cover Edition: Condition: Very Good/No Jacket (as published). This 196 page book is no longer in print.

Stonewall Jackson: The Man, The Soldier, The Legend
by James I. Robertson, Jr.

This large 950 page hardback is in excellent condition, except for some staining on the paper edges. Written by an acclaimed Civil War historian, the flyleaf says that Jackson, "ranks today as among the half-dozen greatest soldiers that America has produced. Military academies in both hemispheres still teach his tactics." This work shows life as Jackson saw it, based on years of research. It shows Stonewall Jackson the man, not just the soldier. This book contains a number of pictures and maps. The inside front cover is inscribed by a gift giver to the recipient.

Germany At War In Color
by Lt Col. George Forty.

A unique collection of hundreds of color photographs of the German experience in World War Two, from Hitler's assumption of power to the destruction of National Socialist Germany , with many very rare and previously unpublished photos from German archives.

Recollections of an Old Dominion Dragoon: The Civil War Experiences of Sgt. Robert S. Hudgins II Company B, 3rd Virginia Cavalry.
Edited by Garland C. Hudgins and Richard B. Kleese.

"We knew we were headed toward Old Point Comfort, which meant Ft. Monroe, and Ft. Monroe meant Yankees, and Yankees meant a fight." With an artist's eye for detail and a survivor's sense of realism, Sgt. Robert S. Hudgins II takes us back to the vivid scenes of his wartime encounters. Sgt. Hudgins of Company B, 3rd Virginia Cavalry tells his story with sharp insight, keen wit, and bittersweet pride in his years with the armed forces of the fledgling Confederate States of America. It has 127 pages for your enjoyment.

Contraband Slaves: A Collection of Articles From The Richmond Daily Dispatch Of Virginia 1860-1865
Compiled by Janet R. Ramsey

The Yankees, so fertile in excuses for their outrages in this war, very readily invented the application of the term "Contrabands" to Southern slaves... A cannon is "contraband of war" in it's route to the enemy's ports; but if it is captured, and put in use by the captor, it is no longer contraband to him. The poor negro, however, has a different fate. He is still a doomed "contraband." The Richmond Daily Dispatch: May 11, 1864. This new paperback book has 368 pages, and has a copyright date of May 2013.

The Pictorial History of the Flying Tigers
by Larry M. Pistole.

This fine volume opens with a short history of China's unhappy encounters with the west, including the horrors inflicted on it by the Japanese. The American Volunteer Group was headed by Claire Lee Chennault, one of our greatest military aviators. The pages relate how the AVG originated and delves into the reasons many had for joining. It is lavishly illustrated with photos of people, places, action and artifacts of this brave and noble outfit. Several appendices and a bibliography give added value to this well researched work. Your copy is autographed by the author, who had an uncle in the AVG.

The Custer Myth
by Colonel W. A. Graham.

This large tome contains over 400 pages of information, pictures and maps about this sad part of our history. Colonel Graham's work is written with neutrality, presenting all viewpoints concerning the Battle of Little Big Horn. A large bibliography is included.

Mr. Lincoln and His War
by John Chandler Griffin.

This 223 page volume details Lincoln's life, beginning with his birth in 1809, in this pictorial biography. Rare and famous photos are presented. Pictures showing the war's destruction question his decision to declare war, as well as his ignoring the U.S. Constitution. His gentler side is also shown; Mr. Griffin covers virtually every aspect of Lincoln's life.

800 Paces to Hell: Andersonville
by Dr. John W. Lynn

This 378 page well researched book covers the original plans for the prison, Captain Sidney Winder's problem in choosing the site, the thoughts behind its design and later modifications, and its well deserved closure in April 1865. Hundreds of eyewitness accounts went into the writing of this volume, which also includes the capture, trial and execution of Henry Wirz. There are numerous illustrations and charts in the telling of this horror of horrors. Your copy of this First Edition is signed by the author.

Weep Not for Me, Dear Mother
by Elizabeth Whitley Roberson

Elizabeth Roberson came into possession of the Civil War letters of Eli Landers by sheer coincidence; another had rescued them from a pile of trash! Fascinated, she began a journey that led through several states. For Eli Landers, these battles were simply fought for the freedom of the South. This 168 page hardcover book, signed by the author, details his story and liberally contains passages of his letters home. There are a number of illustrations and pictures in volume, which is in very good condition, including the dust jacket. Ms. Roberson's book was selected by the Children's Book Council as a Notable Children's Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies for 1997.

The Image of War: 1861-1865 Vol.1
Shadows of the Storm

by The National Historical Society

The Civil War has been called the first modern war, because it was the first to photographed, and over 650 of the war's extensive photos grace the pages of this volume. Each of the book's chapters includes an impressive essay by a prominent Civil War historian. The 464 pages are printed on glossy paper and are in very good condition, and the dust jacket has a protective cover.

Recollections of a Maryland Confederate Soldier 1861-1865
by McHenry Howard

Maryland was a border state during the Civil War and sent soldiers to both sides. Very few quality memoirs exist. This one has been called "the premier "Maryland book on the Civil War," by James I. Robertson, Jr. When published in 1914 it was hailed by the Southern Historical Society Papers as a work "with accuracy and fidelity to historical truth." This hardcover book, reprinted in 1975 under the editorship of Mr. Robertson, covers the entire length of the war in its 482 pages, including an exhaustive appendix and index. There is some obvious soiling on the edges of the pages, and a few of the pages have stains in the margins. The lower right edge of the cover is torn. Nevertheless, this book is intact and will hold your interest.

8th Virginia Infantry
by John E. Divine

Filled with young farm boys from agricultural northern Virginia, the 8th Virginia was led by Eppa Hunton. This unit contained over 100 sets of brothers. They saw their first action at First Manassas, and they fought until they were almost completely destroyed at Sailor's Creek. This 89 page volume tells their tale, and it includes a number of battle maps, and the appendices list casualties by name during Pickett's charge, company strength and casualties throughout the war, photographs, muster roll and a bibliography. There is some light staining on the jacket and the first inside pages from either side; the jacket has a couple tears. Published in 1984, this book is probably now out of print.

Brady's Civil War.
by Webb Garrison.

The Civil War was the first to be detailed by photographs, and Matthew B. Brady and took thousands of pictures during the war. Despite being advised not to, Brady went ahead with plans to document this war on a large scale. He succeeded, and the work of Brady and his team of photographers have inspired countless others since then. This large, 256 page volume includes a great representative sample of his work, and the photos are accompanied by text written by Webb Garrison, who wrote over a dozen books on the Civil War.

The Wilderness Campaign.
Edited by Gary Gallagher.

Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee met in battle for the first time in 1864. This campaign began an epic confrontation that ended almost a year later, at Appomattox. The essays in this 284 page volume use modern scholarship and insight to discuss the issues and leaders of this great campaign. The essays add to existing work on the Wilderness Campaign and highlight ways in which both military and nonmilitary areas interacted in the Wilderness. This book is in excellent condition.

To the North Anna River: Grant and Lee May 13-25, 1864
by Gordon C. Rhea.

This book won the 2000 Fletcher Pratt Literary Award of the Civil War Round Table of New York. The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography calls this work, The most comprehensive account of the fighting ever written. One of Mr. Rhea's several books on the Overland Campaign, this one fills a gap that has received little attention. Rhea's exhaustive work adds another great insight into this great campaign. This soft cover book is in very good condition and contains a number of maps.

Lee's Lieutenants: A Study in Command
by Douglas Southall Freeman

This is a one volume abridgment of Freeman's three volume work, which is considered one of the masterpieces of military history. It tells the story of those who served under General Lee. It chronicles successes and failures of these men who developed as commanders and men. This abridgment of Mr. Freeman's work was done by Stephen W. Sears, who has written a number of highly regarded Civil War histories. This volume's 910 pages contains numerous maps, 36 pages of footnotes, and a bibliography. There is also a large fold out map in the back of the book.

The North Anna Campaign Even to Hell Itself by J Michael Miller
This 188 page is used, but it looks as if it just
came of the shelf. It is part of The Virginia Civil
War Battles and Leaders Series, and it tells the story
of this campaign, which took place from May 21 to May 26,
1864. It includes a large bibliography.

The Code Duello by A. W. Patterson
This book was published in Richmond, Virginia, by the Richmond Press, in 1927, and it gives special reference to the state of Virginia. This volume's 94 pages covers our barbarous ancestors, the romance of the duel, notable English, American and Virginia duels, as well as rules of the Code Duello. Opinions of dueling and the movement to ban it are covered, as well as case law and dueling's disappearance. This small volume goes a long way to informing one of a former part of our history. All contents remain, though there is a little separation inside the front cover, as well as some staining on the cover.

Crusade In Europe by Dwight D. Eisenhower.
This 1949 publication, dedicated "To the Allied Soldier, Sailor, and Airman of World War II," is in decent condition. A couple quotes from the book have been penciled into the front of the book, and a precious owner's name, Dorothy b. Hamilton, is on the page opposite the quotes. The pages of this 559 page book are intact, with no yellowing. All-in-all, a good and solid book.

Tanglewood Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Copyright,1897 by thomas Y. Crowell & Co. Enter a world of magic and intrigue and adventure in these exciting retellings of the greatest legends of Greek mythology. Set sail with the greatest heroes of all time. Take up arms as they battle terrifying monsters. Be thrilled as they match wits with the gods. This book consists of 264 pages and has several illustrations of mythology.

The Young Wife's Book (author unidentified)
Contents of this book, though
amusing to me, covers extensive
advice on the duties, frugality
and true meekness of a wife. (286 pages)

Stories From Homer by Alfred J. Church
This book has 307 pages,colored illustrations and is in good condition. It presents an "easy" read to those who find Homer's original stories hard to understand. We believe this book was published around 1900.

First Year of the War by Edward A. Pollard.
This 392 page book, printed in New York in 1863, is a reprint of the Richmond Corrected Edition. The book begins by setting the stage for the war, starting with "Delusive Ideas of the Union" and the administration of John Adams. It continues to Lincoln's inauguration, and the events that followed during the first year of the war. The author writes in the Preface to the Second Edition, "The flatterer's idea of the history of the present war would no doubt be to plaster the government with praises; to hide all the faults of the people of the South while gilding their virtues ... and to place over the whole painted and gilded mass of falsehood, the figure of Mr. Jefferson Davis, as the second Daniel come to judgment. The author has no ambition to gratify in these literary elegances." There are several engraved pictures, and a fold-out map of the "battles on Bull Run, near Manassas." The back of the book contains a copy of the Constitution of the Confederate States of America. The cover is faded, but the book is intact and in good condition.
$94.99 plus shipping.

Up Front,by Bill Mauldin.
This 1945 First Edition features Mauldin's famous and beloved "Joe and Willie", and is accompanied by commentary of his experiences during the war. This 227 page book measures 9.25 inches by 6.25 inches.
$29.99 plus shipping.

Brave Men,by Ernie Pyle.
This 1944 First Edition was dedicated "In solemn salute to those thousands of our comrades- great, brave men that they were- for whom there will be no homecoming, ever." This volume of Pyle's writings as a war reporter begin with the invasion of Sicily, from June to September, 1943. It continues to Italy, England, then France, ending in September, 1944. This 474 page book is in very good condition and measures 8.625 inches by 5.75 inches.
$24.99 plus shipping.

The Ladie's Companion, by a lady.
This book, published in 1824, is in very good condition for its age
and was designed to teach one how to become a lady.
The title page says that the contents were "Carefully Selected
and Revised BY A LADY, in the County of Worcester, Mass."
This 156 page book measures 5-7/8" by 3-1/2" by 3/4".
$45.00 plus shipping.

My Farm of Edgewood: A Country Book.
This book, published in 1863, is by an unnamed author, though the title page says this book is by the author of Reveries of a Bachelor. It details his life finding a farm and then farming it. He speaks of the various aspects of his labors, including hindrances and helps. This 319 page book measures 7-5/8" by 5-1/8".
$29.99 plus shipping.

My Diary North and South, by William Howard Russell.
Mr. Russell, an Englishman, visited the United States from early 1861 to sometime in 1863 and kept diaries and notebooks, which resulted in this 602 page tome. It covers his travels in various parts of the country and the people he met. This book is in very good condition, though there is some yellowing on the spine that almost looks as if it was purposeful. This 1863 first edition measures 7-3/4" by 5-1/4".
$47.50 plus shipping.

History of Battle Flag Day-Sept. 17, 1879.
This book, copyrighted and published by Lockwood & Merritt of Hartford, Connecticut, in 1879, honors the soldiers of that state who served during the Civil War. This 256 page volume details the events leading up to that day, listing individuals who were involved. It covers decorations, history of battle flags, Connecticut's soldiers during the war, press comments, and more. There are a number of illustrations (one is missing). Though there is some wear on the cover and a little staining, this book is in good condition.
$66.50 plus shipping.

The Complete Book of Confederate Trivia,
by J. Stephen Lang.

This book contains over 4,000 questions and answers
about the Confederacy. It is divided into nine parts,
each part having a number of topics concerning the
South. The questions in this volume will test the
brains of even the most die-hard southerner.
$14.99 plus shipping.

North South Trader, vol. 1 No. 2, July 1973.
This second issue of the popular Civil War
collector's magazine has articles by Steve
Sylvia and Mike O'Donnell, among others.
It includes articles on the Spiller and Burr
revolver, Chancellorsville, corps badges, and
restoring relics.
$21.99 plus shipping.

North South Trader, vol. IV No. 6, September-October 1977.
This issue of the popular Civil War collector's
magazine has articles on Tiffany and
Company, Uncle Sam's Confederate
Fortune, and Stafford Heights.
$21.99 plus shipping.

Causes and Consequences of the War of 1914, by Howard Pitcher Okie.
This slim 129 page volume was published in 1914. In a short space, it covers the war's causes, the powers involved, sides of the controversy, land and sea forces, financial resources of the great powers, food supplies, and consequences. There are also several maps, as well as a fold-up map that is torn in a couple places on a crease. This book is complete and intact; there is no cover separation, though there is a little wear on the covers and inside the covers. The pages have yellowed a bit, but not a lot.
$29.99 plus shipping.

History of the Spanish-American War,by Henry Watterson.
This 474 tome embraces a complete review of our relations with Spain in that era and it contains numerous engravings displaying the scenes described. In the Preface, Mr. Watterson writes, "The war between the United States and Spain was like no other war of ancient or modern times. Begun at once as a protest of civilization and a plea for humanity, it ended as an act of unpremeditated national expansion." Though the destruction of the Maine in Havana's harbor hastened our involvement, the United States had been losing patience with Spain's misrule in Cuba. This book is complete, though it has some wear, mainly on the covers, and a previous owner signed his name to the inside cover (a common practice at one time).
$44.99 plus shipping.

The Raven, by Marquis James.
This 1929 biography of Sam Houston won the Pulitzer Prize in 1930. The book begins by mentioning Houston's grandfather moving to the upper valley in western Virginia, and runs through Houston's event-filled life up to his death. The 489 pages include 21 pages of notes. This book is in very good condition; the lengthwise edges of the pages are rough, as was typical at one time.
$52.25 plus shipping.

Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy.
This 1991 Time-Life book is part of its Echoes of Glory series. This large 312 page volume covers small arms, uniforms, equipment, music, flags, and artillery. This profusely illustrated book also contains a bibliography. This book is in perfect condition, except for some light wear on the edges of the front cover, and a previous owner signed the inside cover.
$39.99 plus shipping.

8 back issues of Civil War Times.
These magazines still have the original mailing envelopes. Issues included are December, 1964; October, November & December, 1975; August, November & December, 1978; and August, 1979. Topics covered in these issues include Hood's Nashville Campaign, Coffee: This Invaluable Beverage, Technology Afloat, Shenandoah Sketchbook, Sibley's New Mexico Campaign, What Sherman Thought of Slaves, and the Valley Campaign of 1861.
All 8 issues bargain priced at $34.99 plus shipping.

Billy Whiskers in the Movies, by Frances Trego Montgomery.
This book is one in a series of books about Billy Whiskers, the adventuresome goat. Many of the illustrations in this 181 page book are in color, and the back of the book has ads for other books, as well as The Billy Whiskers Game, which was a board game. There is some binding separation, which can be repaired, but this delightful book is otherwise intact and in good condition.
$30.00 plus shipping.

Bruce Catton's The Army of the Potomac trilogy.
The 1st volume, Mr. Lincoln's Army, covers the Army of the Potomac during the early part of the Civil War, when it was under McClellan's command. Glory Road details the months from the autumn of 1862 through midsummer 1863, and the concluding volume, A Stillness at Appomattox , tells the story of the last desperate, cruel year of the Civil War. This last volume won the National Book Award for distinguished non-fiction. In the New York Herald Tribune Book Review, eminent historian Henry Steele Commager wrote, "By any standards, one of the most exciting war narratives in our literature." The covers of these hardback books show some evidence of usage, though they are intact and in good condition. (The books are also covered with plastic.)
All 3 Priced now at $25.00 plus shipping.

1916 Rhymes of a Red Cross Man , by Robert W. Service.
Robert Service was a popular poet and acquired much success in his lifespan of 84 years. This is a collection of poems based on Robert Service's experience as a Red Cross ambulance driver in France during World War I. Published in 1916, the individual poems were written in the early part of World War I and taken to print in honor of Robert Service's brother, Lieutenant Albert Service, Canadian Infantry, killed in action, France August 1916. Filled with full color illustrations and black and white line drawings, this collector's book of 192 pages is a wonderful piece and offered at a reasonable price. (This red covered, hard bound book is the 2nd publication printed the same year as the 1st edition). There is some wear and the slip sheet over 1 of the full color illustrations is loose and the lower edge of a couple of pages are torn, but overall, the book is in excellent condition. (Book measures 8.5"x6"x1").
Priced now at $75.99 plus shipping.

The Mexican War and Its Warriors, by J. Frost.
This small (8"x5") 343 page book was published in 1848, just after the end of the war, and is a complete history of the operations of the American armies in Mexico. It includes biographical sketches and anecdotes of the most distinguished officers in the Regular Army and volunteer force. It has numerous illustrations, and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is also included! This work is intact and complete, though the pages contain age spots, and the cover on the spine is missing. (You will note some page separation.)
Priced now at $44.99 plus shipping.

The German-French War 1870-1871
(Deutsch Franzoesische Krieg 1870-1871).

This beautiful and lavishly illustrated volume is written in German. The Vorwort (Forward) ends, "dem grossen deutschen Vaterlande!/ Reutlingen, im Juli 1894," so we believe it was published around this time. Beautifully rebound, this book is intact, except that one of the many color illustrations is separated from the book (shown in one of the photos). This large tome weighs almost 8 pounds and measures 14.5" by 11" by 1.5". There are also 8 pages of German song lyrics!
Priced now at $190.00 plus shipping.

Confederate Commando and Fleet Surgeon: Dr. Daniel Burr Conrad,
by John Worth Lynn.
Dr. Conrad completed a career with the Federal Navy and returned to Boston aboard the USS Niagara. Hearing of the attack at Fort Sumter, he refused to take the oath of allegiance and was arrested. He escaped and fled to his native Virginia, joining the short-lived Virginia Navy. He then held various posts in the Confederate Navy, including serving on the CSS Tennessee at the Battle of Mobile Bay, where he saved the leg of Admiral Franklin Buchanan. This autographed copy tells the story of Dr. Conrad and includes contents of his diary, letters, and orders.
Priced now at $25.95 plus shipping.

Eye of the Storm, by Private Robert Knox Sneden.
This unique volume has been called one of the most important Civil War documents ever published. Found in a Connecticut bank vault, 4 tattered scrapbooks containing his memoirs, 500 watercolors, and maps inspired this 328 page book. Sneden was captured at Brandy Station by Mosby's Guerillas. Little is known about Sneden before the war or after his release from Andersonville, but his pictures and sketches created a one-of-a-kind record of the war. His memoirs were based on his wartime diaries and a daily calendar with Sneden's drawings is included.
Priced now at $16.99 plus shipping.

Sergeant York and His People, by Sam K. Cowan. This 1927 292 page book tells the story of World War I hero Sgt. Alvin C. York. He single-handedly fought a battalion of German machine gunners in the Argonne Forest until they surrendered to him- all 132 of them! This book details York's upbringing and war record, laying the background of his ancestry and documenting the pioneering roots he came from. As Mr. Cowan writes in the Forward, "This is not a war-story, but the tale of the making of a man." There is a hole that runs near an upper corner the first quarter of the book, but it does not interfere with the text. Though the pages have yellowed, as one might expect, the book is intact and a delightful, collectible piece.
Priced now at $49.99 plus shipping.

John Randolph, by Henry Adams. This 306 page book, published in 1886, details the life of one of the early leading advocates of state's rights. The author, Henry Adams, was a grandson of John Quincy Adams, with whom Randolph seldom agreed. This book is complete, though one section of pages has started to separate from the binding.
Priced now at $90.25 plus shipping.

A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Confederacy, volume II,
by James D. Richardson.
This 1904 copyrighted book was printed in 1906 and includes a wealth of diplomatic correspondence of the Confederacy during the Civil War. This 760 page tome also contains biographical sketches of Robert Toombs, Robert M. T. Hunter, and Judah P. Benjamin, as well as a large index. The inside cover has some separation, as does the space between pages 288 and 289. Nevertheless, this volume is complete and otherwise intact.
Priced now at $54.99 plus shipping.

Abraham Lincoln by John G. Nicolay.This 578 page volume is a condensation of Nicolay & Hay's 10 volume Abraham Lincoln: A History. It begins with Lincoln's ancestry and early life, continuing onto his law practice and courtship and marriage to Mary Todd. His political life before becoming President is then covered, leading to the bulk of the book, which deals with his presidency. This book is in good condition. The inside cover contains some writing. In pencil, it says, " F. K. Leatherbee/ Oct. 16, 1921/ from Wife, Virginia & Anne." Having been printed in 1911, it is in very good shape for its age thouh there are a couple areas in the index that have been taped and some fraying at the top and bottom of the spine.
Priced now at $54.99 plus shipping.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. This book was printed in 1933 by Charles Scribner's Sons, who copyrighted it in 1925. The 407 page volume is intact and in very good condition, having been taken good care of during its lifetime. The cover shows some wear and there is some yellowing of the pages. "I. Wildermann" is written at the top of the front cover.
Priced now at $40.00 plus shipping.

Letters of John Randolph to a Young Relative; Embracing a Series of Years, from Early Youth, to Mature Manhood. These 192 letters cover the period 1806-1822 and were written by statesman John Randolph to his nephew, Theodore Bland Dudley. The top of the page of the first letter is signed, "John Merryman Esq. 1834." Handwritten notations have been made on the inside of the back cover. This interesting insight to John Randolph of Roanoke, who served in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, has some discoloration that one might expect from a volume this old, but the content is intact.
Priced now at $189.99 plus shipping.