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Take a look at our Wooden Cases
Show your relic in this beautifully finished and locally handcrafted case. Our wooden cases are manufactured with no nails or screws and come with dove tail corners, the craftman's signature. All cases have a glass viewing window and are offered with both Oak or Walnut construction.

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hooks Civil War Relic Set of Knapsack Hooks.
Recovered in Central Virginia. This set includes five different types of knapsack hooks.
Item AC9658  $19.95

plate U.S. Eagle N.C.O. shoulder belt plate.
This N.C.O. shoulder belt plate, perfect with all three iron hooks, probably made by Dingee but unmarked. This amazing plate was dug at the Battle of The Wilderness.
Item AC9657  $549.95 SOLD

buckle Spanish American War 2nd Artillery Cross Belt plate.
Cross belt plate with the original fastening pin still intact. Crossed cannon and gilted.
Item AC9646  $195.00

plate Perfect Confederate C.S. tongue.
This C.S. tongue was dug in Eastern Henrico County about fifty years ago. Nice brown patina, mics at 31mm diameter, 56.42 length. Minor scratches along part of keeper.
Item AC9637  $1,295.00

plate U.S. Eagle breast plate.
This breast Plate has nice detail with an even brown patina. The back retains most of the lead fill and both of the iron attachment loops are missing.
Item AC9625  $144.95 SOLD

plate Unknown brass buckle.
This buckle was dug at Battle of Cloyd's Mountain Virginia by Ransom Hundley around 1979.
Item AC9619  $150.00

buckle U.S. Buckle with puppy paw hooks.
This buckle was recovered at the battle of Cold Harbor, Virginia at a depth of 22". The digger was using the remarkable XP DEUS metal detector with a 9" coil. It is a very unusual example in that it appears to have been silver plated. There is some lead loss in the back, but otherwise a near perfect buckle.
Item AC9599E  $895.00

wreath Confederate State wreath.
This wreath was recovered in New Market Heights, Virginia.
It has a slight bend that could easily be straightened.
Item AC9592  $895.00 SOLD

buckle Confederate buckle.
I dug this miscellaneous brass C.S. buckle about twenty five years ago along US Route five. I also dug a C.S. Sardine buckle, and many other artifacts at that site. Mac Mason saw it a pronounced it as Confederate and you can see similar plates in Dr. Mickey Keim's buckle book. Broken when I straightened and repaired with epoxy. Seems stable. Measures 2.7" outside and 1.50" wide.
Item AC9590  $24.99

plate U.S. Box Plate.
This plate is in excellent condition, as shown in the picture.
It was excavated in Petersburg, Virginia. It is stamped with
W.H. Smith Brooklyn and has 3 ornate designs that are an
ancient symbol for "Good Luck".
Item AC9561  $395.00

plate Eagle Breast Plate.
This plate was excavated in Central Virginia.
The front shows good detail, with a nice even
patina. The lead fill and both hooks are
intact, as shown in the picture.
Item AC9554  $225.00

plate Confederate Militia Wreath.
This oval shaped wreath was excavated in Culpeper County, Virginia.
It measures 48mm by 51mm, and has a flat back as shown in the picture.
Item AC9546  $1,295.00

hook Confederate KnapSack Hook.
This hook was excavated in Central Virginia.
It was made by S. ISAACS CAMPBELL &
CO. London.
Item AC9505  $75.00 SOLD

buckle U.S. Buckle with Arrowhead Hooks.
This buckle was excavated in Central Virginia.
The front shows good detail, with a nice brown
patina. One hook is missing, and the lead fill is
intact as shown in the picture.
Item AC9478  $245.00

hook Confederate Knapsack Hook.
This hook was excavated in Central Virginia, and
will display nicely in any collection. Your purchase
includes the hook beautifully displayed in a Sgt.
Riker case, as shown in the picture.
Item AC9445  $69.95

wreath C.S. Wreath.
This wreath was manufactured by Leeche & Rigdon, and was
excavated in Kansas. It has been over cleaned by the digger,
but nonetheless a great artifact.
Item AC9430  $975.00

plate Model 1851 Sword Belt Plate.
This plate was excavated in Central Virginia. It has a nice brown/green patina, and appears to be a marriage. The wreath is missing as shown in the picture, but is still a very collectable artifact.
Item AC9426  $295.00

buckle U.S. Buckle With Arrowhead Hooks.
This beautiful buckle was excavated in Spotsylvania, County Virginia. The arrowhead hooks are intact, as is the lead on the back.
Item AC9411  $395.00

Sash buckle 1850's Naval sash buckle. Virginia relic.
Complete 2-piece buckle. I recently acquired the second
half of this buckle. Though not found together, these two
parts make up the buckle. Light weight and made of
brass or copper w/anchor and chain
motif, this piece measures 2.25" tall.
Item AC9338  $395.00