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insignia World War II United States Marine Corps Hat Insignia.
This insignia is in excellent condition, and the attachment nut moves freely.
Item WW1281    $29.95 SOLD

guide 1941 U.S. WWII Army Insignia Guide.
This guide is in very good condition. Dated in the back, Nov. 30, 1943.
Item WW1265    $34.95 SOLD

dressing WWII First Aid Dressing.
This first aid dressing is in original unopened package.
Item WW1263    $9.95

pin WWII Vintage 15th Signal Brigade Unit Crest Pin "Fideliter Servimus"
This pin measures about 1-1/8 inches on each side. A gold ribbon at the bottom reads, "Fideliter Servimus", the unit's motto, which means,"Faithfully we serve." The attachment pin remains in good working order. "Meyer Inc. New York" is on the back, as well as their logo, plus the word "STERLING." The lamp on the crest represents the "lamp of knowledge."
Item WW1262    $29.95

pin Original WWII German 1938 Volkswagenwerks Pin.
This is a great piece of automobile history. It is made of a heavy metal construction. The medal commemorates Hitler's "People's Car". It shows an original Volkswagen Beetle car with the Swastika inside of a gear. It reads "Grunsteinlegung Des Volkswagenwerks Mai 1938". Reverse Pinback and reads "Ges Gesh-R. Schenkel-Pforzheim-Brotz," it measures 1 1/8 x 1 1/2". This is a rare piece!
Item WW1251    $125.00 SOLD

polish Original WWII Navy shoe polish.
This can of polish is unissued and unopened. It measure's 4" in diameter.
Item WW1244    $14.95 SOLD

medal WWII U.S. Army Good Conduct Medal.
The Army first created this award in 1941, and it is in good condition,
though there is some wear on the bar. The attachment pin moves freely.
Item WW1215  $22.95

police badge German Nazi police badge.
This badge shows good detail and both attachment hooks are
intact, as shown in the picture.
Item WW1198  $65.95

stove Vintage World War II Coleman G. I. Pocket Stove.
During World War II, the United States gave Coleman the job of inventing a lightweight compact stove for military use. In less than two months, they had success. It was called the Model 520 Coleman Military Burner, commonly called the "G.I. Pocket Stove." It came in a two-piece telescoping aluminum case, as you can see by the large photo. The bottom of this case is stamped, "U.S./ C.M. Mfg. Co./ 1945." The side of the stove is marked, " U.S./ Aladd_/ 1944." Journalist Ernie Pyle said that only the Jeep was more useful than this handy appliance. After the war, Coleman made a version for civilian use, designated Model 530. It had no legs and four supports for the upper frame. One knob is missing from this neat collectible; we don’t know if it would still work.
Item WW1181  $115.00 SOLD

helmet WWII Marching Compass.
This compass includes the original leather case. Etched on the back is Creach-Osborne Marching Compass Mark VII MOD D 1 Sperry Gyroscope Co. Brooklyn, N.Y. 31923. The company was founded in 1910 as the Sperry Gyroscope Company by Elmer Ambrose Sperry to manufacture navigation equipment, chiefly his own inventions the marine gyrostabilizer and the gyrocompass at 40 Flatbush Avenue Extension in Downtown Brooklyn. During World War I the company diversified into aircraft components including bomb sights and fire control systems. In their early decades, Sperry Gyroscope and related companies were concentrated on Long Island, New York, especially in Nassau County.
Item WW1145  $65.00 SOLD

collection WWII Soldier and Medals.
This set has six medals and one 5x7 photo. On the back of the
photo, J. Edwards is written in pencil. Your purchase includes
these artifacts beautifully displayed in a Riker case, as shown in
the picture.
Item WW1137  $75.00 SOLD

manual WWII Special Edition Instrument flying Trainer.
This manual was distributed to all Air Force pilots in August 1943.
Technical order no. 30-100C-1. It has 101 pages.
Item WW1129  $45.00

collection WWII U.S. 9th Infantry Veterans Collection.
This collection has an original piece of sheet music,
a letter from the National Counsel of the Young Men's
Christian Association (ymca), two envelopes post dated
1943, 1944 and a heavy duty buckle from the 9th Infantry
that measures 3-1/4" wide by 1-3/4" tall.
Item WW1128  $145.00

pin Nazi Pin.
This pin is probably made of zinc,
and measures approximately 2" long.
Item WW1116  $35.00

gauge Temperature Gauge for a F4AU WWII Corsair fighter plane.
I am not sure if this gauge works or not. It is original in all regards,
and has the makers tag, and U.S. on the back as shown in the picture.
Item WW1108  $125.95 SOLD

scarf Hand Painted U.S. Army Camp Pickett Virginia Souvenir Scarf.
This souvenir scarf measures 28-1/4" tall by 28-1/4" wide. It has a U.S. Army
nurse with Camp Pickett, Va hand painted in one corner.
Item WW1100  $125.00

chevron WWII Army Sergeant Chevron.
This twill chevron was in a collection I recently purchased.
Item WW1098  $9.95

chevron WWII Marine Corps Sergeant Chevron.
This twill chevron was in a collection I recently purchased.
Item WW1097  $14.95 SOLD

chevron Korean Era Marine Corps Sergeant Chevron.
This wool chevron was in a collection I recently purchased.
Item WW1095  $14.95

chevron Korean Era Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Dress Chevron.
This chevron was in a collection I recently purchased.
Item WW1094  $14.95

medal WWII U.S. Good Conduct Medal.
This is one of the oldest military awards of the United States Armed Forces. The Navy Good Conduct Medal was established in 1869, the Marine Corps version in 1896, the Coast Guard version in 1923, the Army version in 1941, and the Air Force version in 1963; the Air Force Good Conduct Medal was discontinued from February 2006 to February 2009. For more information on the Good Conduct Medal (click here)
Item WW1084  $19.95

sack WWII Nazi Supply or Grain Burlap Sack.
This very heavy duty burlap sack measures approximately
25" wide by 50" tall. On the inside there is A.H.C 1935
stamped, and on one side of the sack BK. Kp Cp. boul is
double stamped, as shown in the picture.
Item WW1074E  $35.00

nazi WWII Nazi Roundel.
This artifact was part of a collection I recently purchased.
It would have been worn on a hat visor.
Item WW1069  $35.95

pin Nazi Youth Pin.
This pin will display nicely in your collection.
Item WW1052  $60.00

This manual was made for men in the Navy. It has many illustrations showing flags, badges, guns, uniforms, rope tying, ships, and more. Actual photographs of ships, insignia, Corps devices, and much more. Great item of nostalgia and educational.
$25.00 SOLD

pin Nazi Pin.
This pin is dated 1937, and has 1-MAI on the front. On the back
is FrankFurt AM, and the attachment hook is intact.
Item WW1037  $20.00

note World War II Philippines Occupation One Peso Victory Note.
This bill is in good used condition. There is noticeable vertical creasing at the center, and there is wear around the edges, but all details are very good. This Series No. 66 specimen bears the serial number F10269695 and was issued in 1944. This note is kept in a clear protective sleeve.
Item WW1025  $12.95


Original World War II Heavy Civil Defense Helmet.
This helmet is large and heavy. It weighs just over two pounds and measures 13 inches by 11.75 inches. This specimen is solid and not rusted through. Note the marks under the brim, which we have been enhanced with talc in the last photo. We believe the legible stamp is part of , " U.S. Government/ Property/ O.C.D." There is a small dent in one end of the helmet. A nice momento of the World War II era.
Item WW1012   $29.99 SOLD