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Swords and Blades

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sword 1897 Spanish Artillery Sword and Scabbard.
The ricasso reads: Artilleria FcaNACIONAL TOLEDO and the scabbard is marked Toledo. Serial number on sword is 26566. It is in very good condition.
Item S1198  $289.95

hanger U.S. Brass Sword hanger.
This Sword hanger was dug in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. This artifact, recovered this year, is in good solid condition and uncleaned.
Item S1197  $30.95

tips Two great and unusual Civil War bayonet scabbard tips
Civil War bayonet scabbard tips dug by Ransom Hundley. One is lead and the other is brass.
Item S1195  $54.95

hanger U.S. Sword Hanger.
This sword hanger was excavated in Mississippi. It measures a bit over 3 inches long when fully extended. It is a bit bent, but it is real.
Item S1186  $29.95

knives Two dug Knives.
One is a mess knife with some wood still present on the handle. Also the cross guard and part of the blade of a side knife. Both knives were dug along Nine Mile Creek.
Item S1167  $75.00

Naval combat knife MK 2 Naval combat knife identified to sailor.
John C. Laity, Jr.,(died 1999) personalized his Naval knife while serving on the USS Appalachian (See details below for the WW2 service of this vessel). It has survived with its original scabbard. The blade is in excellent condition but shows characteristic carbon spots as would be expected on blades of this vintage. The blade retains most of its original blueing and has never been sharpened. Some minor rusting is present on the pommel but not prominent. The macrame on the handle is a beautiful example honoring the sailors craft and has withstood the passage of time.
Item S1031  $565.00 SOLD
USS Appalachian service information (click here)

short artillery sword McElroy and Hunt short artillery sword.
This style sword was made for the Confederacy in Macon, Georgia. William J. McElroy partnered with Robert J. Hunt early in the war, partnering later with A.G. Herrington. This piece measures just over 24" in length and 1.75" wide at the hilt. Close up photos show detail of the casting flaws that are commonly associated with these pieces. The tip has been blunted by minor sharpening, which occurs only on the very end. (A reproduction scabbard is included with your purchase.)
Item S1026  $2495.00 SOLD